Last Updated: 08/24/2023 
Company Name: Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC 
Doing Business As DBA: Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting

This agreement is entered between Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC, dba Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting "hereinafter the seller," and the customer, "hereinafter the buyer", collectively called the "Parties".

WHEREAS, the seller intends to sell, including but not limited to, Consulting Services, Cultivation Services, Cannabis Seeds, Cannabis Clones, and Digital Photography media hereinafter "the property" as described in the appendix.

WHEREAS, the Buyer intends and agrees to buy the property under the terms and conditions set forth 
in this agreement, as well as, all of the other legal postings on this website, including Terms & Conditions at Checkout.

 THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows:

1. Sale of property: The Seller agrees to sell the property, and the Buyer agrees to buy the 
property under the conditions set herein.

2. Sale Price: The Buyer agrees to pay the full sale price as described;

  • a. The upfront cost of the property
  • b. Any fee associated with the sale of the services and/or property, including Sales Taxes, Shipping Fees, and all Travel & Lodging Expenses

The Full sale price is the total amount charged to the buyer, including sales tax, shipping fees, and travel & lodging expenses of one or more invoices. Sales taxes are applied to shipping destinations within states' jurisdictions that require sales tax to be collected from on-location transactions within that state, or remote online sellers, regardless of the seller's state.

Shipping fees will be billed and invoiced separately, with the obligation of the buyer/customer to pay the full amount invoiced before actual shipments of any purchases are executed.

Travel & Lodging expenses will be billed and invoiced separately, with the obligation of the buyer/customer/client to pay the full amount invoiced BEFORE actual travel arrangements are executed.

3. Payment: The Buyer will pay the sale price through PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, or approved Business Check.


No refunds on products sold by our online store, nor for consultation services.

Replacement/s for defective or damaged products upon shipment arrival to your location, or thereafter,  will be up to the sole discretion of our third-party shipment supplier/s, under the warranty policies therein.


4. There are no refunds or returns permitted for SEEDS, CLONES, or Digital Photography purchased directly from any agent of Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC, dba Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting, our company website at, or indirectly from any of our affiliate third-party suppliers. 

5. Warranty: The seller does not provide any warranty or guarantee of any purchases made from this website. 

There are no warranties permitted for Consultation Services, Cultivation Services, Seeds, Clones, or Digital Photography purchased from or performed by agents of Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC, dba Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting, or from its website at

The seller is only the online merchant, and consulting firm, and as such, cannot offer warranties beyond certain guarantees of satisfaction with our services and suggestions. Likewise, all products sold from this website are organic in nature, and available to all online shoppers, however, may also be used as suggested products to our clients by consulting agents of Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting. All of the products displayed in our online store, including seeds and clones, are drop-shipped with arranged shipment from different supplier companies and different warehouse locations. 

Cannabis Seeds 

All cannabis seeds sold on this site are low enough in THC content, so as to can be considered hemp seeds on a federal level. That is to say, that online sales and shipping of cannabis seeds across state lines are as permissible as any other federally recognized products for sale online. Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC maintains a Sales & Use Permit from the State of Texas, which allows for online sales & shipping from all of our suppliers nationwide, on behalf of Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC.

Cannabis Clones

In the case of living cannabis clones, Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC, dba Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting is not involved in the purchase/sale/transaction between the legally licensed cannabis clone producer and our clients, who are legally licensed cannabis growing facilities. Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting only provides referrals to our cannabis industry resource partners that supply cannabis clones to Jolly Green clients, oftentimes by consultation suggestion or upon client request, by taking the client request for particular cannabis strains and quantity availability and passing over to our supply partner for third-party transactions. Therefore, Jolly Green Hydroponics & Cannabis Consulting reserves the right to privately and discretely pass online or physical party customer/client information on to our third-party cannabis industry suppliers.  

The seller warrants that the seller has the legal authority to enter into this contract, to display advertisements of products owned by third-party sellers, and to legally collect payment.


 6. Miscellaneous:

  • a. Severability: If any particular part of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, 
    the Agreement will become void to that extent. Except for the invalid
    or unenforceable part, the rest will remain in full force.
  • b. Force Majeure: Any parties to this agreement shall not be liable for any delay or nonperformance 
    of any part of this agreement if such delay or nonperformance is a result of government actions, 
    war, civil disorder, pandemic, or any event similar to them and is beyond the control of any of the 
    parties or is not foreseeable.
  • c. Counterpart: Either party to this agreement may execute counterparts of this agreement and such 
    counterpart will be deemed to be an original.
  • d. Jurisdiction: The agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States.

This online agreement will come into effect immediately upon any purchase/transaction from this website or likewise, any outside purchase agreement that the customer/client establishes with Jolly Green Hydroponics, LLC, dba Jolly Green Cannabis Consulting.

Questions or concerns can be emailed to us:


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